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How to make a DTD

How to Make a Duct Tape Dummy(DTD)

Before you Start

You are going to need a friend or two to help you do this. Ideally two friends is the best, one to rip tape and one to place it on you. It'd be best if they're close friends because when you get cut out of the DTD you will be left in your underwear.
You can hobble around a bit while you're being duct taped but once your joints are taped try your best to not move them or it will stretch the tape. You'll have to hold pretty still towards the end of the process.
Make sure to wear underwear under your coveralls. Not a favorite pair since they might accidentally get cut.
Use the bathroom before you start and have water nearby so you don't get dehydrated. Making a DTD can take a couple hours.
It's smart to make sure you and your friends read through this tutorial carefully before beginning and leaving it up to make sure everything is right as you work. 
If you are at all claustrophobic, or prone to anxiety/panic, make sure the people doing the DTD know this and can watch for warning signs.

Things you'll need


1. A pair of disposable painter's coveralls.(can be found at walmart for $12

2. 4-6 Rolls of Duct tape 4 rolls should be more than enough if you buy the larger rolls.

3. A permanent marker to write on the duct tape with. Black sharpies work great.

4. Scissors, preferably with rounded tips. Make sure they are sharp enough to cut through a couple layers of tape! Bandage scissors are ideal.

5. Paper towels/Napkins or plastic/paper bags.

6. Grocery bags or plastic wrap.

7. A fan or set up in a cool room. being wrapped in tape is going to get toasty.

8. Arm height items. This could be tricky but items that work: backs of tall chairs, shipping tubes, lamps.


  • Do not use masking tape or gorilla tape. And please try to stick to one color of duct tape.
  • Your friends should rip/cut the tape in 6-12" strips as it is applied.
  • Do not wrap the tape too tightly. This can cut off circulation and cause you to pass out. If your friends begin wrapping you tightly and it's uncomfortable at all ask them to stop. Cut yourself out and start over. The tape should smoothly lay on your body. You do not want your DTD riding up your groin or constricting your shape at all. 
  • The tape must be layered well to make a nice, thick and durable DTD. You friends should tape over every part of you in at least three layers. There should be no gaps at all in the tape. If you can see any fabric at all through the duct tape you are doing it wrong. If you can hold your DTD up to the light and see through it, it is not thick enough.
  • It is preferred that the tape be applied in a "criss-cross" pattern to keep it from unraveling after use.
  • Make sure to follow the steps below and keep your arms out to the sides when you begin taping them and your legs comfortably apart. You don't want a "webbing" effect in your armpits or groin area or your suit will not fit correctly.
  • Taping at least one foot is REQUIRED

Please keep in mind that if something is wrong with your DTD you will be asked to make and send another one.

The Process

White represents Coveralls

Grey represents Duct tape

Brown represents paper towels/bags

Step 1.
Put on your painters Coveralls. Easy enough!

Step 2. 

At the uppermost part of your underarm wrap a strip around each arm. These strips should just touch the "X" at your armpit.

Just under the "X" another strip should be applied around your chest.

The purpose of this harness shape is to make sure the coveralls don't shift and pull in and odd way giving you "bat-wings"

Step 3.
Alternatively if you have breasts and want a better fitting suit.
Tape the line up and under the breasts pulling the coveralls up in needed. When you're filling in the tape later on be careful to wrap with the curves of the breasts and not pull too tightly.

Step 4.

Now that your top is secured you may put your arms at rest.

Your friends need to start duct-taping your groin area. You can do the first couple steps yourself if you're uncomfortable.

One piece of tape needs to go from your belly, between your legs, to your backside. Make sure it is up high, but not uncomfortably so(you don't want a wedgie) It's alright if the coveralls pull up a bit.

Step 5.

Now tape around each thigh(go under the butt cheeks in the back) and around at the hip.

Again this creates a harness shape to make sure the coveralls don't shift.

Step 6.

Now your friends may begin filling in your groin area starting from the hip downward making sure to properly layer the tape and not leave any gaps at all. This will create a sort of duct tape undies.

Step 7.

Continue taping down the legs making sure to keep layers thick but not too tight. Don't worry if the coveralls pull up, tape down as far as you can until you only have a little bit of coverall left. If the coveralls have not pulled up, tape all the way to the ankles.

Step 8.

If the coveralls have pulled upwards. Take your paper towels or bags and wrap them around the part of the leg that still needs to be covered.

Step 9.

You may then continue taping down to the ankles!

Step 10.
Pick a foot(it doesn't matter which one) and put a grocery bag on it or you can use a bit of plastic wrap.

Step 11. 

Wrap the foot in duct tape starting from the toes to the ankle and overlap the tape onto the leg so that it is attached.
Only one foot needs to be taped and it is REQUIRED for full fursuits

Step 12.

Now that the legs are done it is time to move back to the torso.

Tape from the legs upwards to the shoulders filling in the belly and back area. Stop at the shoulders, do not tape the arms at all yet.
This should leave you with duct tape overalls.

Step 13.

Have your friends pull out your arm height items so you may rest your arms. They should still be up and out to your sides.

Step 14.

Finish taping the chest and back area. Tape to the base of the neck and if you need to use paper towels or bags again to reach the neck do so.

Step 15.

Tape down the arms one at a time making sure to cover everything and layer well.

Step 16.

Once again if the coveralls do not reach to the wrist you may use paper towels or bags.

Step 17. 

Finish taping all the way to the wrists(where the hand bends)

Give everything a once-over to make sure the tape is nice and thickly layered. and reaches everywhere it should.

Step 18.

Now your friends can break out the permanent marker.

They'll need to draw lines for where to cut you out.

1. One line all the way from the neck down the chest, down the side of the leg all the way to the ankle.

2. On both arms from the wrist up the top of the arm to the Bicep or thickest part of arm.

3. From the ankle of other leg up the side to the hip.

Step 19.

On the lines they just drew. Have your friends mark "x"s all along the lines about 4" apart.

At this time they may also mark where you would like your tail-base to sit, but I will go with whatever I think is best so it is not needed.

Step 20.

With the scissors have your friends start cutting you out following the lines they drew. It'd be best to cut out your arms first so you can rest them. They should be careful to not accidentally cut you or your under garments. This can be a very lengthy process but if the tape is wrapped not too tightly it will go much easier.
It's okay to cut the DTD up more if it's too difficult to get out of, as long as the lines are marked with X's before you cut. Just don't cut the whole thing into shreds.

When the lines are cut you should now be able to wiggle your way out of the DTD. You can go to another room to do so, then you don't have to be seen in your underwear.

After emerging from the DTD like a majestic butterfly you should lay it out to dry for a couple hours before packing it up.

Packaging and shipping your DTD

Write your name and fursona or character name on the DTD

Fold your DTD or roll it up.

You can put it in a flat rate box or a plastic envelope.


Mail it to:

Faye Cover

1604 State St

Algonac MI, 48001


If you have any questions or are unsure on a step please email me at Wahaneta@gmail.com

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