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  Costume Design and Creation

Terms of Service

TOS is non negotiable and any commissioner/buyer is expected to read and understand all terms.
Ignorance of TOS does not exclude you from agreeing and abiding to the TOS as it is publicly available.


-You are expected to have an easy to understand reference that looks how you want your commission to look.
-If you do not have a reference but want a commission I can work with you to make one for a fee or direct you to other artists.
-I will accept multiple references but only if they all have the same features, markings, etc.
-If your reference is out of date, please update it BEFORE commissioning me, I will charge for any updates or changes made during the commission process and altering your character will change your quote.

-If you want to change a feature on your commission you must tell me before I begin. There will be a fee to change anything after that point depending if it can even be done.

Quotes and Waitlist

-When submitting for a commission you are expected to be able to pay a retainer fee in a timely manner if I accept your commission, this will put you on my wait list.
-30% of total price is required for items over $1,000 to be put on wait list, 50% is required for items $1,000 and under. This is a non-refundable retainer fee to secure your spot on the wait list. This fee is for my time spent and will cover loses if you choose to cancel your commission.
-Your spot may move up or down on the wait list depending on payments, communication and convenience.
-I do not hold wait list spots, if you do not get your retainer fee to me in a timely manner your spot may be given to someone else.

Payments and Penalties

-All prices and transactions are in USD
-Paypal, Instant transfers, and Money orders are all acceptable methods of payment. I will never accept checks.
-I do accept payment plans. After the initial retainer payment the smallest payment I will take is $200 a month. Payments must be made consistently after the retainer fee is paid.
-There is a Late Payment Penalty, you have a week grace period after your payment is due, after the 7th day a fee will charged. 10% of the remaining balance or $50(whichever is highest)
-If you miss two or more payments your commission may be considered abandoned and sold.
 -50% of the total price needs to be paid before I start work on the item.
-For commissions under $3,000 you have 10 months to be paid in full after being put on the wait list or after 10 months I may adjust the price if I feel it needs adjusting to better match my current prices, skill and the inflated material costs.

Deadlines and Rush fees

- I can only try my best to work with deadlines. I make no promises that your suit will be delivered on the deadline that you wish. Life happens, there are many circumstances that could pop up that may cause me to be delayed on a suit.
However, if you pay off the suit as soon as possible and get on my work queue long before your deadline then it is likely to be met.
-If you absolutely want your commission done before a certain time, you can pay a rush fee to do so.
-Rush fees guarantee that your commission will be done by the due date given unless it is delayed by something of your own doing. (Not picking up the package on time, being unreachable, not paying for rush shipping, requesting lengthy changes when the suit is done, not getting your measurements or DTD done in a timely manner, etc)
-If the commission is delayed an unreasonable amount by something of your doing the rush fee is forfeit when the deadline is not met.
-If the commission is delayed by my own doing then I will refund the fee.

Fees are as follows
  • If you want your commission done within 4 months it will be an additional 30% of the total commission price. At least 50% is required up front to be put on the commission list this is a nonrefundable retainer fee and the rest of the balance must be paid off at least 3 weeks prior to the specified due date.
  • If you want your commission done within 2 months, it will be an additional 50% of the total commission price. 100% is required up front to be put on the commission list this is a nonrefundable retainer fee and you must pay for rushed shipping.
  • If you want your commission done within 1 month it will be an additional 100% of the total commission price. 100% is required up front to be put on the commission list this is a nonrefundable retainer fee and you are required to pay for rushed shipping.

My Rights and Responsibilities

-I have the right to refuse service to anyone. This is usually because the idea is too complicated, references are poor, a customer is being difficult, or a person has been added to my blacklist because of a previous encounter.

-I reserve the right to refuse to change my style or how I construct my costumes. If you would like something done differently than what is seen in my previous work you must state so up front. If you are commissioning me then you are expected to trust me to bring your character to life in my style.

-I have the right to resell, modify, or do what I wish with any item that has not been paid for by the owner if the commission is canceled or abandoned.
-I have the right to terminate a commission if I feel the commissioner is going against the TOS.

-I am not responsible for any actions performed by any persons wearing or using any of my creations.
-People wearing my items do not represent the views or beliefs of myself.

Your Rights and Responsibilities

-You have the right to remain anonymous to anyone outside the commission, however you will be required to give all personal information I need.
-You may choose to keep your attachment to any completed work confidential unless TOS is violated.

-It is your responsibility to be safe while wearing your costume. Always have a spotter or handler for fursuits, cosplays and armor.

-Buyer uses all armor and costume parts at his or her own risk. +3 Defense assumes no liability for any damage caused by improper use. If you receive something from us and it is not properly functioning tell us as soon as you realize this so it can be sent back and fixed.

-If you are purchasing any adult items you agree that you are an adult and the information submitted to prove your age is valid.
-You must provide a DTD(Duck tape dummy) out of pocket for certain purchases.
-The DTD must follow the tutorial that can be found under the commissioner info tab.
-Any full suits will not be started on until the DTD and measurements are provided. If you fail to provide these within 6 months of being asked I will assume you have lost interest in the project and reserve the right to cancel your commission and refund you all but the retainer fee and compensation for time spent.
-You are expected to be easy to contact at all times. If there is a period where you will be unreachable you should let me know ahead of time.  
-If you are out of contact for a considerable amount of time or have been ignoring emails your commission will be considered abandoned.
-If you chose to cancel the commission for whatever purpose the down payment is forfeit and any work done on the suit must be paid for or it is also forfeit. 


-The 30% retainer fee is non refundable at all times. 

-If you choose to cancel your commission at anytime I will be paid for any work done, time spent, and commission losses on top of the retainer fee.

 During the process the refund amounts are as follows

  • If the commission has not yet been started then all is refunded except the 30% retainer fee.
  • If the commission has not yet been started but materials have been ordered then all but the retainer fee and material costs are refunded
  • If the commission is roughly 25% done then the buyer will receive up to a 50% refund of the total price and the project so far.
  • If the commission is roughly 50% done then the buyer will receive up to a 25% refund of the total price and the project so far.
  • If the commission is roughly 75% done then the buyer will not receive a refund, the commission will be completed as planned.

-Any refunds may be in one lump sum or multiple payments depending on the situation.
-There is also the option to finish the project and sell it to give the cancelled commissioner a larger refund depending on how much the project sells for. This option is not always the best idea and will only be available if I choose so.
-If you receive your suit and it has issues, please see the "Returns for Repairs" section. I will gladly fix any issues of my own doing, but there are no refunds for completed work.
-If you receive your suit and you do not like it you would of had every chance to speak up during the commission process where you receive a multitude of Work-in-Progress pictures. There are no refunds for completed work.


-I do request that you ask my permission before reposting/submitting any of my studio photos or videos just so I can be aware of where my work is posted but it is not required.
-You may never submit any of my images or videos without credit clearly given to +3 Defense, Plus3Defense or Wahaneta.
-You may never crop off or edit any of my watermarks, logos or website addresses.
-You may not post any WIPs I have privately given to you without my permission.


-I put tracking on all my commissions and insure them. 
-You are responsible for DTD shipping
-All items will be sent to the address provided by paypal unless otherwise specified. I am not liable for items lost in the mail or damaged by others. 
-If you don't get your shipping info to me on time when I ask and in the correct format you will have to wait until the next time I am able to ship things.
-I will not claim an item for less than it's full price while shipping. This is fraud and I would be the one at fault for doing so. DO NOT ask me to lie about merchandise or it's value while shipping.
-Customs and import fees are responsibility of the buyer.

(Real Name)
(Street Address)
(City)(State/Province),(Zip Code)

Returns for Repairs

-All of my suits come with a care guide and warranty. 
-If anything breaks within reasonable time that is my fault I will fix or replace.
-If there are obvious signs of neglect I will charge whatever I have to for repairs. If the piece cannot be repaired due to neglect I will send it back at your expense.
- If I receive a suit for repair with any modifications not done or approved by me, I reserve the right to ship it back to the customer at the customer's expense.
-I will not repair a suit that is extremely dirty, smelly or badly cared for. If you ship me a dirty suit I will hold it until you pay return shipping

Allergy Disclaimer

-I do work around a dog and cats and their hair or dander may get on my work area. If you have extreme pet allergies please reconsider commissioning me.

-I work in a non-smoking environment but I do like scented candles and incense so if you have any allergies please reconsider commissioning me.


-People with abusive behavior will be blacklisted and will never have a chance to commission me again.
-Abusive behavior includes any harassment, threats, intimidation, rudeness or unwelcome actions.
-Abuse can be cause enough for me to drop your commission.
-Other actions that can cause you to be blacklisted: Throwing tantrums, extremely poor communication, failing to keep up with payments, and not being consistent with your design choices or constantly changing things during the commission process.
-I also reserve the right to blacklist people who abuse fellow crafters.

TOS is non negotiable and any commissioner/buyer is expected to read and understand all terms.
Ignorance of TOS does not exclude you from agreeing and abiding to the TOS as it is publicly available.

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