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Measurement Instructions

Please Read

Below are diagrams for measurements for all armor, fursuit and cosplay pieces. Please be honest while measuring yourself (do not give your garment size, do not edit your body size). 

-If something does not fit due to your measurements being off I will not be held liable. 

-If you are worried about a part being too tight please tell me but still measure your body properly.

-If you want to shave a few inches off or add onto your measurements because you plan on working out or losing weight please just order at a later time instead.

DTD/Duct Tape Dummies are required for full
costumes and padding



  • Use a measuring tape

  • Have a friend to help you measure.

  • Make sure to triple check all measurements. I can sometimes catch things if they are wrong but not always and I am not held liable for wrong measurements. 

  • Red lines are circumference 

  • Blue lines are Length

Please list measurements in inches.

Round up to the nearest 1/4 inch.

Send measurements in a neat list to Wahaneta@gmail.com

Diagram 1 The Head


1. Head Circumference
2. Neck Thickness
3. Length from pupil to pupil
4. Length of face (chin to top of head) 
5. From top of head to brow
6. From ear to ear around nose
7. From ear to ear around chin 


Diagram 2 The Hand


1. Length of forearm
2. Length of thumb
3. Width of palm
4. Length of palm
5. Length of middle finger
6. Thickness of palm
7. Wrist thickness
8. Arm thickness 
9. Width of thickest part of finger


Diagram 3 The Arms


1. Upper Arm thickness
2. Forearm  thickness
3. Wrist thickness
4. Strap Length(across chest from shoulder to armpit) 
5. Upper Arm Length
6. Forearm Length 
7. Length from tip of shoulder to tip of shoulder
8. Total length of arm.


Diagram 4 The Male Torso


1. Length from shoulder to neck
2. From waist to chest
3. From hip to waist
4. Hip
5. Waist
6. Chest
7. Arm thickness
8. Neck thickness
9. No number 9 Sorry!
10. From Chest to top of shoulder


Diagram 5 The Female Torso


1. Length from shoulder to neck
2. Chest to Underbust
3. Underbust to hip
4. Hip
5. Waist
6. Underbust
7. Chest
8. Arm thickness
9. Neck thicnkess
10. Bust
11. Chest to top of shoulder 
12. Cup size


Diagram 6 The Foot


1. Ankle
2. Length of foot top
3. Length of foot
4. shoe size 


Diagram 7 The Legs


1. Crotch to knee
2. Knee to ankle
3. Ankle thickness
4. Calf thickness
5. Knee thickness
6. Thigh thickness
7. Upper Thigh thickness 
8. Hip Measurement
9. Natural Waist Meaurement(around naval)
10 Crotch from Naval to same height on back
11. Crotch to Waist
12. Total Leg Length


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