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  Costume Design and Creation

Creature Costume Pricing

I do not accept commissions for individual parts but they may be added onto any current order of a head, partial or fullsuit.

Please keep in mind that number of colors and fur patterns will affect the final prices

If you want a suit with major detailing like scales or cheetah spots the price will be much higher than a plain canine suit.

All prices are in USD and do not include S&H


Toony Styled starting at $800

The base price of this shape includes these features
  • Built on Foam base
  • Flat Eyes
  • Static Jaw
  • Hair Poof(optional)
  • Fabric Nose
  • Fabric Tongue
  • Simple plastic teeth

Available Options

-3D/Following eyes
-Any expression you want
-Fabric or Resin Horns/antlers
- removable/magnetic parts

Realistic Styled starting at $950

The base price of this shape includes these features

  • Built on Resin blank
  • Acrylic Follow-eyes
  • Moving Jaw
  • Hair poof(optional)
  • Silicone Nose
  • Silicone Tongue
  • Resin teeth

Available Options

-Custom sculpted blank
-Fabric or Resin Horns/antlers
-Removable wig
Custom Sculpted blanks are also available

Starting at $1,150

The base price of a partial includes these parts
  • Toony head
  • Handpaws
  • Tail
    Arm sleeves and feetpaws are also available add-ons for partials. 

Available Options

-Silicone or Fabric Pawpads

-Resin or Fabric Claws

-Hard or soft hooves

-Padded hands

-Indoor or outdoor feet

Starting at $2,100


The base price for a fullsuit includes these separate pieces

  • Head
  • Handpaws
  • Feetpaws
  • Tail
  • Bodysuit

Available Options

-Muscle padding

-Obese/Fluffy padding

-Feminine padding 
-Leg padding

-Dropped crotch padding


Email to discuss Adult parts

Starting at $2,500

Don't see a feature that you really want? 

Email me at wahaneta@gmail.com to see if it's something I offer!