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These are some base prices but for custom armor it is impossible to get an exact price without having all the details of what you want. So once you have given this list a look through if I am open for quotes feel free to send in an email for a more exact price. Please include any references to what you are looking for and be as detailed as possible in description.

My email is [email protected]

Leather Armor

Concept art $25+

(Simple conecpts Included with fullsuits and sets)

Can be anything from a simple sketch to a fully colored and detailed skematic.


Bracer sets $150+

Bracers cover the forearm. They can include elbow cops or stretch out to cover the elbow. 

Greave sets $200+

Greaves cover the lower leg, full leg armor is also available including Cuisses(upper leg) orSabatons(foot).

Gauntlets $400+

Gauntlets cover the hand and forearm. Your choice of clamshell or Full fingers, Half fingers or demi-gauntlets, which have no fingers.

Helmets $500+

Helmets are half or full head armor. Can be made with working visors and removable Gorgets.

Pauldrons $400+  

Pauldrons cover the shoulders. Price changes depending on size. Most pauldron styles include rerebrace(bicep guard).


Body Armor $1000+

Body armor can be made in one piece or be articulated. It can also have attached pauldrons or tassets.


Available Options for Armor

  • Armor can be dyed or painted any color
  • Leather can be stamped and carved to match most designs.
  • Armor can be made from foam for a cheaper costume alternative.
  • Rivets and buckles are available in brass or nickle
  • Spikes, Gems, and Decorative rivets are available 
  • Chainmail is also availble as an addition to any armor and comes in many colors
  • Quivers, Pouches, Frogs and belts are available when ordered with an armor set

Want something and don't see it?

Ask! [email protected]

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